Audits, Reviews, and Compilation


Lin & Lincoln CPA’s LLC provides financial reporting with all three levels of assurance  depending on your company’s needs, such as bank loan audits, and nonprofit organizations.

These include but not limited to:

  • Audit - Unparalleled Assurance: The Audit service involves an in-depth examination and confirmation process, offering the highest level of assurance to third parties. This meticulous scrutiny ensures accuracy, compliance, and provides stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of your financial health.
  • Review - Insightful Analysis with Limited Assurance: The Review service employs inquiries and analytical procedures to provide valuable insights with limited assurance. This option is suitable for businesses seeking a thorough examination without the extensive depth of an audit. 
  • Compilation - Streamlined and Internal-Focused: Compilation service is designed for internal use, primarily based on client-provided information. While no external assurance is expressed, this service is ideal for businesses needing organized financial data for internal decision-making.